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Angel In The Snow

Monsters, Kids, & Dogs

Christmas morning, watching my daughter play in the new fallen snow, I realize what's important in life.


The sun comes up
Nighttime ends
Today's a day
For family and friends

I look outside
It snowed last night
My eyes open wide
At the joyous sight

My daughter's playing in the snow

This world's a little
Too crazy sometimes
We lose sight
Of how to spend our time

Too much work
Not enough play
That's not how
We should spend our days

We don't smell the roses like we should
Focus on the bad and not the good
If only everyone could learn what I know
From the angel in the snow.

I go outside
She's lying there
Her back's on the ground
Snow's all in her hair

The day can wait
Cause now I know
I just wanna play with my
Angel in the snow


I'm playing with my daughter in the snow

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