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The Monster Under The Bed

Monsters, Kids, & Dogs

Everyone's favorite childhood terror speaks out...


It's very dark under here
When the lights go out and the night ensues
Don't try to find me
Or I may just find you

I spend my days underneath the bed
No one seems aware
Children look right through me
As if I'm not even there

But when the darkness falls, I arise

Now it's night time, I'm awake
A child's in the bed above
I feel the fear, it's always near
The emotion that I love

There's nothing you can do
I'm coming after you
In the night

The child tries to go to sleep
But knows that I am there
Beneath the sheets is the safest place
They think I can't reach them there (ha ha)

There's nothing you can do
I'm coming after you
In the night

I'll stalk you round your room
And then I'll chase you through your dreams
I crave the kill but still love the thrill
Of a child's primal scream

The next time you look beneath the bed
And think you see some eyes
Know with fear the end may be near
For you, the sun may never rise

I dwell beneath the bed
And hunt you through your dreams
Will you be the next
Whose soul becomes my feast?
(Evil Laughter)

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